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Join our Healthy Pet Club in July and receive a Free Kennel Cough vaccination (always free in July for our Healthy Pet Club members). Non-members will get a 15% reduction for this month only.

Kennel Cough, or Infectious Tracheobronchitis as it is properly known, is a highly contagious disease in dogs. The cause is quite a complex interaction of common respiratory viruses and a bug called Bordetella Bronchiseptica. It is the Bordetella Bronchiseptica infection that causes the very bad cases.

Once your dog has been exposed to the infection, it will generally take five to seven days before the signs of the disease are seen. Kennel cough usually causes a dry, hacking cough, runny nose and sometimes sneezing. The gagging cough and retching associated with this disease are upsetting for your dog and you. Depending on its severity, the signs of kennel cough can last from a few days to several weeks. However, even after the coughing has stopped, your dog can remain infectious for up to three months.

Kennel Cough is a social disease in that it is only spread by very close contact. When the dog coughs the bug is expelled in droplets and will immediately die unless inhaled by another dog. Accordingly, a dog can only pick up the infection when it shares common air space with an infected dog. This is one of the reasons that the illness has adopted the term “kennel cough”. Boarding kennels are an ideal environment for the disease to spread rapidly as large numbers of dogs are kept in unusually close contact.

Any reputable kennel will insist on a kennel cough vaccination prior to admitting a dog for boarding. This is an additional vaccination to the annual booster injection and needs to be administered by our vets at least 7-10 days prior to going into kennels. Puppies can be vaccinated from just two weeks of age. The vaccination is unusual in that it is given via the nose. This is due to the way the vaccination works. Instead of producing antibodies in the blood, it produces a local immunity in that the antibodies are produced in cells lining the nasal cavity. This means they are ready to attack the bug when inhaled. The kennel cough vaccination lasts for a year, and will need to be repeated if another visit to the kennels is planned.

If your dog has not been vaccinated against kennel cough and contracts the disease it is worth having the vaccination immediately as it will help to shorten the length of the infection.

So, when making your holiday plans, entering your dog for a dog show or just going for a walk in the park, don’t forget to ensure that your dog is protected against infectious bronchitis.

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Bauer is a 6 year old Shih Tzu cross and belongs to one of our nurses, Zoe. Recently Bauer became lame. It was quite severe and he was constantly holding his right hind leg off the floor.
Bauer was x rayed and it was discovered he had a ruptured cruciate ligament in his knee. A ligament is a band of connective or fibrous tissue that connects two bones in a joint; the cranial cruciate ligament is the ligament that connects the thigh bone with the lower leg bone - it helps to stabilize the stifle joint. Cranial cruciate ligament disease, also referred to as the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), is the sudden (acute) or progressive failure of the cranial cruciate ligament, which results in partial to complete instability of the stifle joint. Cranial cruciate rupture is the tearing of the cranial cruciate ligament; it is the most common cause of rear-leg lameness in dogs and a major cause of degenerative joint disease (progressive and permanent deterioration of joint cartilage) in the stifle joint; rupture may be partial or complete.
Bauer was going to require surgery and he was scheduled to have a new type of surgery for this condition called an MMP procedure. Bauer was the first patient to have this surgery at GP Vets.
The MMP surgery involves making a cut down the bone (osteotomy) then gradually levering the bone forwards which changes the angle of the patella ligament and readjusts the mechanics of the joint. The bone is fixed in its new position by inserting a titanium mesh wedge which has a pin drilled through it and finally a staple placed to add stability to the bone. The titanium wedge uses innovative technology which allows the implant to become part of the bone rather than attached to the bone.
A complication occurred however when Bauer became unwell and developed diarrhoea. Worryingly for his owner, Bauer stopped eating and it was several days before this improved, with the help of intravenous fluids and tlc. The surgery was postponed until we were all sure he was recovered enough for the surgery to take place.
Bauer is now recovering from surgery and will be gradually regaining full use of the leg slowly over the coming weeks. As Bauer has had to be rested prior to the surgery and it will be several more weeks before he can do much exercise, his muscles will be weaker and will need rebuilding. Bauer will be attending hydrotherapy sessions as soon as the vets are happy with his progress. Bauer is also having laser therapy treatments to increase wound healing and make his leg more comfortable along with regular medication. We look forward to seeing Bauer fighting fit again very soon.

Zoe's Story
When finding out Bauer had ruptured his cruciate ligament the emotions of cost, doing the best for him, how are we going to cope during recovery all played on my mind. In between having the diagnostic X-rays taken and surgery to mend this cruciate he became very poorly, leading to postponement of his surgery. As his mummy, this was heart breaking to watch. He did make a good enough recovery to have surgery nearly two weeks after injury.
He is now day 4 post surgery and my little boy is doing well and the fun begins of keeping him quiet and calm.
I can't thank my family and my work colleagues enough for helping Bauer and myself through this, I know we still have a long road ahead and we will get there.

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